The magic is in the details, and floral arrangements can create a special touch. The most talented floral designers can be, well, crazy expensive. And if you have the time and limited budget, making the flower arrangements yourself is a great way to save money!

Once you know the color scheme you want for your arrangement, do some ‘pinning’ to find a few pictures of arrangements that you would like to try, and use those examples as a starting point. And try to keep it simple!

Do a scouting trip to see what is available at your local florists and grocery stores. Trader Joe’s and other main grocery chains are a great starting point. Local grocery stores that have a floral section are a great option for purchasing your flowers if you’re not making too many arrangements. Check with your store of choice, but typically you can place an order a week or so before you need them.

The local flower mart is a great place to purchase flowers in bulk. You’ll have to wake up a little early, but you’ll find every flower possible.

DO A PRACTICE ROUND (OR TWO)! Test how well the flowers hold up overnight, and if they need to be refrigerated or not. If you do refrigerate them overnight, make sure you have enough space (and request some space in your neighbor’s house if needed).

Make one-of-a-kind vases. My personal favorite: spray paint mason jars with metallic gold (or your color of choice) spray paint. Metallic spray paints are very forgiving, and they come out gorgeous! Even if they do not come out perfect, they will look ‘distressed’. My sisters and I made some for our cousin’s bridal shower, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about them!

If you need assistance with how to place the flowers within the arrangement, consult with the guru herself, Martha Stewart.