International Women’s Day 2021: An Open Letter

To celebrate International Women’s Day, this is my open letter to all of the ladies out there:

Recently a lot of people have asked me: Why did you create Urbaceous? My answer is always three words: To Help People. Throughout my life, whether career or personal, this is my passion – helping others. When I was 20, I wanted to help my friends put on concerts, so I decided to start my first business for promoting bands. My next 4 businesses – Interior Design Business, Organizing Business, Graphic Design Business, Event Planning Business: all centered around helping people. As my interest in Wedding Planning grew, I decided to do some research and teach myself (self-internship?). I searched on Craigslist to see if anyone needed help with Weddings, and of course – they did. I met my first clients online and working with them was the best experience I could have received. Even though event planning was in my blood, I had never planned a Wedding. I threw myself into the fire and that was the best way to learn – gaining real world experience. I am ever thankful for my first clients’ trust as this was a pivotal moment in my career. Did I mention I had to construct a chuppah as part of the first Wedding I worked? I’ve always believed in saying “We can figure that out” instead of saying “No” (even when I had no clue what the answer was).

Currently I support Brides and Grooms, and now with my new app, I have the privilege to help event vendors. I love this! How do we make careers out of helping people? You dive head first, knowing this is your path. Starting a business is about jumping in but also about taking the first step. Now… what’s YOUR first step? If you have ever thought about starting a business, and don’t know where to start, I want to offer my help. Whether it’s how to get a business license or how to design a business card, I’d like to offer my advice. I’ll look for your message on my LinkedIn:

Today is about women and supporting women, so let’s do that. Sending a virtual “You got this!” to all of you!